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    Just to verify, your name would be (Full name), correct? And the property address is on (full address), right? Perfect, thank you! Is this the best phone number for you, just in case we got disconnected? [Pause for response] Where is the best place to email our contact information and offer to? [Pause for response]
  • Do you have about 5 -7 minutes so I can ask you some questions about your situation and about the condition of the property?

    Now I’m going to run through some quick questions about the property, ok?
  • Motivation- discover their REAL personal motivation. Ask follow up questions based on what they say like try to know what their what if’s.

    This sounds like a property we might be interested in …
  • Example: Oh this property of yours is really in a good neighborhood, why would you consider selling this?
  • I will reach you out within 24-48 hours It was a pleasure speaking with you today, you have a great day! Talk to you soon!

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